Back in 2017,

I was just a computer diploma guy working in a Café, and earning $25 per month

I wasn’t the internet marketing expert people know me for today.

I wasn’t comfortable with the money I was making because of the lifestyle i wanted.

And i don't want to be controlled by anybody called boss

So I started searching on how to make an extra income, three months later, I came across an ad on Facebook by:

Mr. Ajayi Adebayo, the CEO of Webbiit Technology in Benin city, Nigeria.

I bought his course for N6, 500. That was the first online course I have ever bought online, in fact, in my entire life.

I was skeptical initially, but i had to took the risk because i was so desperate to be my own boss, and that was how my online journey started.

I took my time to study the course and implemented it, and I was being able to make over ($1k) N400k online in 60 days.

That was when I believed 100% that making money online is real and is possible for anybody that want to make money online.

Making money online has given me the lifestyle that I wanted, gave me financial freedom.

I can now sleep and wake up at any time, travel anywhere I want with nobody interrogation.

Finally, dream comes true…


The 247 Income system (247 I.S) course is my whole years of experience in the online space, and is a clear road map for you if you really want to start making LEGIT money online

The reason why i called it 247 income system is because;

You Keep Making Money Twenty-Four Hours A day, Seven Days A Week

It is like atm machine...

Everything you are going to learn in this course is 100% Tested and Proven...

And the amazing thing is that,

I have been able to helped over 760 people established their online businesses successfully using the same formula in the 247 INCOME SYSTEM (247 I.S) course.

But I’m not here to brag about my success, I am only here to help you achieve yours.

My biggest goal is to help you move from where you are to where you want to be, and that is the purpose of this 247 Income system (247 I.S) course

Starting an online Business can make you lots of money, but only if you are not lazy like many people are

Once you know how to make money online, it will be very difficult for you to be broke again

Because online business is an unbreakable business and cannot be affected by the economy.

I have invested so much in myself in the online space to get to where I'm today...

I have spent over $3k for mentorship & many more...

You can see the picture below of one of my BIGGEST mentor from the USA 👇

He's called: WESLEY

He has generated over $50,000,000 on the internet

He's one of the Top Internet marketers in the USA

I'm very glad that i am one of his mentees

  • You don't need an office or a degree to make money on the internet, all you need is the right information, a good smartphone, and you are good to go…

    The 247 Income system (247 I.S ) Course Is For:

  • People who have tried to make money online in the past and failed
  • People looking for a profitable side hustle to grow their income
  • Busy 9-5 workers who want an extra source of income
  • Small business owners looking for a way to scale online
  • Students looking to learn skills and make money online

    You Don't Need to have Any:

  • Experience
  • Tech skills
  • University degree


    The 247 Income system ( 247 I.S) course is created to hold you by the hand to teach you step by step on how to make money online from A-Z

    It's a straight forward well details video tutorials with actionable steps

    So what's this business model about?

    This business model is called AFFILIATE MARKETING.

    I know you have heard about it.

    Maybe you were even part of the people who called it a scam and won’t ever be an affiliate marketer.

    Or Maybe you are still having some doubts which are very normal and I can totally relate because I was once like you (in your shoes).


    It’s fine and I understand.

    But let me break it down for you..

    Affiliate marketing is not a PONZI SCHEME or TRADING

    Money comes from exchange of value

    For you to make legit money, whether online or offline, you will have to sell something; either a product or you offer a service

    And if you don’t have a product to sell, that is where affiliate marketing comes in…

    Affiliate marketing simply means,

    Promoting other people's prodcut and earning a commission each time you make a sale

    These products are digital products

    The products are already created by digital experts

    All you need to do is to promote the product and earn a commission when someone buy through your link

    lets say you are promoting a $50 product and the commission is 50%, that means, you will earn $25 per each sale you make

    You just need to make 40 sales to make $1000

    And you keep repeating the process again and again and over again to keep making more money for yourself...

    Check the image below to see the type of mail you get when you make a sale with my name there 👇

    You can see above with my name how i earned $25 for promoting a $50 product, and sometimes, i make 7 sales a day

    let's do the maths

    $25 X 7 = $150

    That's $150 a day

    Amazing right? 😎

    I know by now that you are so eager to jump on this business model

    It’s a smart choice...

    But make sure the product you are promoting is a beneficial product, not a crapy product.

    Because people only buy what is beneficial for them

    They only care about what the product will do for them

    That is why is vey important to pomote a good helpful product

    I know you will be thinking:

  • How do I join the affiliate marketing platform?
  • How do I find good products?
  • How do I promote the products?
  • How do I make sales?
  • How do I get paid?
  • How do I make lots of money just like top affiliates?


    Have no worries..

    I asked myself these same questions while starting out

    The 247 INCOME SYSTEM (247 I.S) course is a solution/answers to all your questions

    Is a complete step by step guide on how everything is practically done so you can replicate and start getting massive result

    And is a compilation of all the knowledge that i have gathered so far through my entired journey, in the online space

    All the high income digital skills you need to start making money 247 are in this course

    It took me 8 solid months to create this course so you can succeed

      Whether you live in:

    • Nigeria
    • Ghana
    • Cameroon
    • Kenya
    • South Africa

    All African countries

    You can start this business model and be making thousands of dollars 🤑 per month

    So No Need To Wait For A Second

    Hop on this business opportunity now before it gets late..